31, 10, 2012

Pop Art Girl

It’s finally here, Halloween!! If you’re still looking for a last minute costume, look no further. Perhaps this pop art girl will do the trick. It’s quite easy and is always a crowd pleaser. Here’s how to create this look.

I already applied foundation, concealer, and pressed powder to my entire face. Pop art girls have dark eyebrows so I’m going in with black eye liner pencil to fill them in. And with a black liquid pencil liner I started to outline starting with my eyes.

To make my eyes appear bigger, I used a white liner pencil on my water line. I used a Roy Lichtenstein image for reference to pin point where to apply the expression lines.

You want to create lines in the creases of your eyes, down your nose bridge, around your nostrils, cupid’s bow, and outline of your lips.

Then I started to draw tear drops, and as well, created lines along the jaw line.

Once the outlines are done you can start filling in the tears with a white pencil liner. And with accents of blue, I filled the bottom of the tears. Then I filled in my lips with a red lipstick.

I decided to follow the reference picture a bit more and created the contours of the cheeks.

Now for the fun but time consuming part! I decided to paint on the spots using a brown concealer instead of red. The spots look best applied in a diagonal line. And of course if you want to really go all out, you can do these steps on your neck, hands, or anywhere else where your skin will be exposed for the full effect.

Apply false eyelashes and mascara on your bottom lashes. And if you aren’t already blessed with blue eyes, put on some coloured blue contacts.

And there you have it!

Have a very Happy Halloween everyone!!

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  1. Honey says:

    That is so very cool!

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