01, 04, 2015

Refreshing Finds

Since the season and the temperatures are changing my skin has been acting wack again. It’s always in-between seasons when it goes out of control – and I’m sure it this applies to a lot of other people out there as well. We are just trying to get our face situated and under control, but at times finding it hard. I’ve been trying to be nice to my skin by avoiding foundation or any heavy base makeup in general.

Lush Fresh Face Mask / Cupcake
If you’ve seen my Lush posts (here and here) you’d know I had enough empties to pick-up a free fresh face mask. Instead of going for my usual favourite I decided to try out a new one. The awesome staff at Lush suggested Cupcake which was one I’ve had my eye on. Since trying Cupcake, it has to be my new favourite masks. The scent is pleasantly yummy and it leaves a subtle minty sensation on my face.

Paula’s Choice Oil Absorbing Sheets
This was actually a freebie when I bought my last Clear set. Oil absorbing sheets tend to be expensive and not worth the price here so I never really buy them, however I do like them whenever I have them though (but did you know those toilet seat covers in public toilets do the exact same thing?). Always powdering your face to get rid of the oil and shine isn’t always the best idea so this comes in handy for quick touch-ups.

Tony Moly Kiss Lover Live Tint /02
This also came as a freebie (lucky me!) when I bought a gift at Tony Moly. I was always so curious about orange lip colours but just never found the time to try it out. Since this is a Korean brand this totally screams the Korean makeup style. It’s very glossy and fresh looking so for me it takes a little bit of getting use to, but I do love the look of it on. (If you live in or around Toronto, there’s a Tony Moly store in Pacific Mall)

The Balm / Balms Away
I had this for sometime now and have never opened it since I always trusted oil based eye makeup removers instead, but I recently stayed over at a friend’s place and forgot to bring my trusted remover. My friend had Balms Away as well so it was perfect timing to actually test it out. It worked faster and a hell of a lot better than the ones I normally use. It not only removes every lick of makeup, but also moisturizes my lashes.

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  1. V says:

    I love Cupcake, it does wonder for my skin

  2. anaglam says:

    Never tried cupcake specifically but I love all the lush products I’ve tried! Great post:) Can I ask what camera you use? I’m pretty much only using my iPhone cam for posts and am looking to upgrade:)

  3. savvyzone says:

    nice post, i also have a skincare blog for oily skin would like if you could check it out at https://oilysen.wordpress.com/

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