07, 05, 2012

Spring Hair Flair!

The weather is warming up so it’s time to stop hiding our manes in bulky hoods and hats and let them free again! Here are some adorable styles and trends to play with:

1. The Turband

This is the more modest version for those who are a little afraid of trying out the full on turban. This trend gained momentum last year but continues to be a perfect spring accessory. It’s very wearable and dresses up any boring outfit without looking too outrageous. You can play with the neon spring colours or stay reserved with earth tones.

2. The High Pony

It’s a bit of a late 80s to early 90s throwback but has always been a fun and playful look. If you want a sleeker look you can wear it straight but wearing it with a wavy or curly hair texture gives it a funkier look. To make it interesting you can add some volume by back-combing your hair.

Or add a fun accessory (very 80s Whitney Houston-esque don’t you think?)

3. The Messy Side Braid

Since the release of The Hungry Games movie, everyone has been inspired by the main character, Katniss, to rock a side braid. It’s ok to not be perfect with this one. Let pieces of hair hang out for a casual laid-back look. And to make it stand out even more, do an inverted braid instead of your regular one.

4. The High Bun

Is it just me or is there something very intriguing about a bun? It’s especially great for those in between don’t wash your hair days. If you’re still feeling too plain add a cute headband.

If you’re prone to many fly outs (as I am -__-), use a wax to keep things in place. I use  Schwarzkopf OSiS Rough Up.

The turband, big bow headband, and gem headband are all from Purely Fictional.

2 responses to “Spring Hair Flair!”

  1. I have a bow headband that I absolutely adore. I love the headbands, which are perfect for my short hair.

    • I couldn’t agree more. When I had a super short bob cut I constantly wore headbands and it just made the entire look so cute and girly at the same time 🙂

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