30, 12, 2015

Ten of my 2015 year end favourites

If I say so myself, it has definitely been another great year for beauty yet again. To be honest I didn’t really stock up or experiment on too many newly released products of 2015 but instead worked with already raved about products. I’ve also refined my skills on how to use certain creams and other formulas which has taken my makeup skills to a whole new level. These are the products that stood out the most for me in 2015.

1) Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge
Although the Beauty Blender gets tons of raves I just couldn’t justify spending that much money on a sponge; that’s when I did a bit of research and found that Real Techniques had their very own beauty sponge. I’m already a huge fan of their makeup brushes so I was hoping to love this one as well – turns out I did! The Real Techniques Sponge blends out foundation, concealer, and contour easily and flawlessly that I can’t see myself using anything else now.

2) NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams
This is pretty much a cult favourite in the beauty world and they really do deserve all the hype they get for being the perfect product for everyday use. Besides the non-sticky and non-drying formula they are very smooth to apply on and even when I’m having a bad lip day they still look amazing on – not to mention there’s a colour for every occasion and mood. My personal favourites are Ibiza, Zurich, and Amsterdam.

3) L.A. Girl Flat Finish Pigment Matte Lip Glosses
I’ve only tried just a few liquid lipsticks but the L.A. Girl glosses are by far my favourite. They are kiss proof and wear for a very long time with only needing a quick touch-up if you eat anything oily, but best of all they aren’t drying to your lips. Aside from the staying power and how affordable they are I absolutely love the colour selection in this line as well. For reference my favourites have been Fleur, Obsess, Frisky, and Bazaar.

4) L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation
I’ve never been one to hop around with trying out new foundations just because once I find one I love it becomes my holy grail for years on end. This has been the first time in years that I decided to try out a new foundation so I went with the one that had raving reviews. Most concerns people including myself had/have with the Infallible Pro-Matte foundation is it being too yellow on the skin but in reality it doesn’t appear as prominent or visible as you may think. In fact it blends out so well that it’s almost like having a second skin since it looks so flawless on. Not to mention the coverage is amazing without it being cakey or having the heaviness of a regular foundation.

5) Ardell Natural Lashes 110
If you have hooded eyelids as well you know how crazy we can look if we’re not wearing the right pair of false lashes! Finding the right false lash set that suits your face and style can be tricky; it took me awhile to find what I liked best for everyday but this Ardell set has been my go-to for the last year and a half now. These give off the right amount of length while still looking very natural on. I’ve never been questioned if I’m wearing false lashes which is a major plus!

6) NYX Eyebrow Gels
2015 was truly the year of the brow! I was pretty bold this year and had my brows bigger and thicker than usual, and so NYX’s Eyebrow Gels have helped me achieve the look I wanted. I’m still very religious when it comes to the Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow but I’ve been gravitating to these ones a lot more since they are the most waterproof, long wearing, budge proof eyebrow product I’ve ever tried. A little bit goes a long way with these gels so I highly recommend them especially to those who have oily skin.

7) MAC Lip Pencil in Soar
It took me awhile but I finally found my MLBB (my lips but better) lip liner. There almost never goes a day that I’m not using this lip liner – whether it’s to plump up the look of my lips or for the days I need to just quickly go out and don’t have enough time to grab a lipstick. This lip liner compliments many lip looks and looks just as amazing alone on the lips as well.

8) Hurraw! Night Treatment Balm
Throughout the year I tried a lot of night lip treatments but I always seem to go back to this one. Although I’m still not sold on the smell it has worked magic on repairing my lips while I sleep and even on the days where I felt my lips needed a moisture boost. Hurraw!’s Night Treatment Balm also lasts hours on end and keeps lips feeling ultra smooth and hydrated.

9) Ellovi Vanilla Lip Butter
I was introduced to Ellovi late in the year but wish I knew about them sooner since they have such a great product lineup (check out my review here). They only use 6 natural ingredients to make up their super hydrating formulas in both their body and lip butters. I usually have the most stubborn dry lips ever but somehow Ellovi’s lip butter has transformed my lips into a much softer and subtle texture.

10) Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet
Yeah, I know this isn’t makeup but I just had to include it! Just like with my foundations I don’t change up my fragrances that often either. I received a sample of this at Sephora and was hooked on it insanely. I’m a sucker for florals and this one is no exception, it is however on the sweeter side of what I usually go for with notes of Sicilian orange essence, pink peony, Damascus rose, and white musk. This has brought something new to my floral collection since it’s very fresh, chic and perfect for everyday.

I’d love to know what have been your favourite products of 2015!

5 responses to “Ten of my 2015 year end favourites”

  1. I’ve yet to hop on the sponge bandwagon, but this is like the hundredth time I’ve seen the RT sponge featured in a favourites post, so obviously that means I’ll probably lean towards that when I finally do. I’m still a bit scared after hearing about the chick who had bugs infest her beauty blender….
    I with you on the foundation, whenever you find something good stick with it! I’ve just decided to hunt for another holy grail so hopefully I have good luck like you 🙂

    Have a happy New Year!


    • Stacey says:

      Hahah that beauty blender with with bugs also freaked me out too! Honestly the sponge is so much more convenient and easier to work with than a regular foundation brush so I highly recommend you to do the switch because I wish I had done it sooner 🙂
      Exactly, if it works why fix it right? Happy New Year to you as well! I wish you all the best in 2016! xo

  2. Really can’t believe I haven’t tried the NYX lip creams yet, I feel like I want to make it my mission ti finally try them out in 2016! I’m travelling to the US next year actually, maybe I’ll wait till I’m there to try them because my guess is they’ll have a way bigger range than we have in Melbourne!


    • Stacey says:

      Not to mention will probably be cheaper too! Although I’m neighbours with the US they still make us pay redonkulous duty free taxes on their products 🙁 luckily NYX stores have been popping up here so that’s helped out hehe.
      Happy New Years my friend and hope all the best to you!!

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