13, 11, 2014

The Healthy Image Pandemonium

The whole healthier and more realistic body image has really blown up in the last year. Just to name a few big companies such as Forever 21, H&M, and Aerie (showcasing women who have not been retouched) have already started campaigning these more relatable body images. However, there seems to be controversy and mixed feelings about this issue.

Aerie's current campaign of unairbrushed women, and using the #AERIEREAL to draw in a more real crowd.

Aerie’s current campaign of unairbrushed women, and using the #AERIEREAL to draw in a more realistic crowd.

As someone who has always been between a size 8 to 10 throughout my life, knowing that my body type is becoming more acceptable to social standards has given me more happiness and confidence to love myself. Of course, there have and still are those days where I don’t like the way my body looks, or how clothes don’t fall on me the way I had hoped for, but for the most part I have been content with the way I look. I admit to being victim to weight loss programs, unstable diets, diet pills, and even starvation. I remember being the smallest I’ve probably been at a size 7 and still being called fat by others while I was active on the cheerleading team. Sometimes you just can’t win, and often it’s not about pleasing others.

Cute FOREVER 21 fashions available for all sizes!

Cute FOREVER 21 fashions available for all sizes!

Even though a curvier image has especially been the highlight recently, we can’t forget that women of all different shapes and sizes suffer with their image. However, from a not so skinny girl’s perspective I notice smaller women do have it a little bit easier. You will rarely or never hear a girl look at a photo of a larger woman and say, “I wish I had her body”. It is always the other way around. No one but society is to blame for this misconception that thinner always equals more beautiful and healthier. Fat doesn’t always mean someone is unhealthy. Someone who is a size 12 could be just as healthy as someone who is a size 4, or possibly even healthier than them. So you can never really judge a book by its cover.

Model, Jennie Runk posing for H&M's 2013 beachwear campaign.

Model, Jennie Runk posing for H&M’s 2013 beachwear campaign.

I can honestly say that I’m happy that all body types are finally being celebrated, it’s about time! All women should be valued and equal to one another because we all have something special about us (it’s 2014 for gosh sakes). Acceptance is key – just know that your body is beautiful and don’t let others tell you otherwise! xo

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