10, 10, 2012

The Little Mermaid’s Ursula Makeup

Continuing with my Halloween series – I decided to choose a villain instead of a princess since villains don’t normally get the spotlight. The Little Mermaid is my favourite Disney movie of all time, so I thought it would be perfect to do Ursula’s makeup. Of course I added my own twist and made it an oddly more wearable and modernized Ursula. Here’s how to look devilishly sexy in purple skin (lol).

Begin with flawless looking skin. I went ahead and mixed up the right shade for my complexion and used concealer to brighten up the center points of my face.

Blend the concealer with your brush and using a pressed powder, pack it down in place.

Fill in your brows in a high arch (I tweeze my ends a lot so that I can transform them into any shape I want).

Using my Sleek Glory palette, and with this rich ocean blue eyeshadow (Victoria), I sweeped the colour across my lids and slightly wing it out. Then I applied some of that same colour to the bottom lash line.

Using this shimmery sand colour (Overground), I applied some to my inner tear ducts to brighten up the eyes.

With a matte grey colour (Platform) I went on top of the blue and blended it out in a square motion for a bit of dimension.

And with a dark shimmer blue/grey colour (“Glitz” from the Sleek Oh So Special palette), I went halfway over the matter grey colour from the end of the wing and faded it out towards the inner part of my eyes. Then attached it to the bottom lash line as well, and blended everything together for a smokier look.

Taking a white pencil liner (Rimmel London Kajal Eye Liner Pencil in “Pure White”), directly line your water line so that it gives off the appearance of bigger eyes. Then with a black liquid liner you’re going to create fake lashes. Go in and create 3 lines of lashes.

Option: Some people might not feel comfortable wearing bottom lashes so you can also create some bottom lashes if you prefer to not wear any. This still gives off a great illusion of lashes.

Apply some dramatic top and bottom lashes and top it off with your favourite mascara.

I wanted to add a little extra “umph” to the look so I took a grey/brown shadow (“Matt Patel” The Balm Meet Matt(e) palette) and lightly blended the colour on top.

I popped in some hazel coloured contacts (to be honest I couldn’t determine Ursula’s exact eye colour so I thought this was a good guess). I purchased these from Pinky Paradise.

Now for Ursula’s octopus skin! I decided to use this shimmery purple/lavender colour (Essence in “Disco Diva”) and treated it as if I were to bronze and contour my skin usually. I thought it was a fresh approach instead of fully transforming my entire face and body to pure purple. So I used the colour on my cheeks and the temples of my forehead. Don’t be afraid to extend and go crazy with this, you want to exaggerate as much as possible.

For your nose use your normal bronzer to narrow it down.

Line your lips with the similar lip colour, and apply a deep red lipstick (Rimmel London Kate collection in #11). I use the index finger trick so that there is no lipstick stuck on my teeth.

Finishing touches: Can’t forget Ursula’s signature birth mark on the right side of her chin! Also her silver/white hair (wig purchased from ebay).

Don’t be afraid to add more purple on your body, like on your collar bone, shoulders, sides of your neck, and cleavage. It looks great to add accents of purple on your arms too.

The finished look!

As for wardrobe: I wore a black sweetheart neck tube dress purchased from Zara but you can find a tube dress from anywhere else. The seashell is from Michael’s Arts & Crafts and I attached it around my neck with a purple ribbon.

9 responses to “The Little Mermaid’s Ursula Makeup”

  1. aud says:

    this is really helpful, thanks!

  2. lisa says:

    thanks! this is perfect. Im doing Ursula this year and due to my sensitive skin really didn’t want to paint my whole face neck etc purple. In fact this looks much better!

    • Thanks for the nice comment Lisa! I also have very sensitive skin so usually body paints break me out or give me rashes. I’m glad I could share my alternative with you 🙂 Have a happy Halloween!

  3. AK says:

    THanks for making this post!! You should make a YouTube channel 🙂

  4. Danielle says:

    I have always wanted to be Ursula for Halloween but I didn’t want to have to paint my whole body. Your idea is MUCH better I love it! Where did you get the purple shimmer? And did you have tentacles?

    • The purple is actually just an eyeshadow from the brand essence. You can find it in any drugstores I believe. As for the costume (I should have showed it off!), I attached tentacles by taking a few old black stockings, cut off just the leg parts, stuffed them, and attached them to the dress. Hope that helps!

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