20, 12, 2012

The Uptown Girl

Communing is a pain
A lot of us dream to live and work in a city. Tons of television shows are based on people making it in the big city. These shows portray the struggles the characters go through (even though their stress is not- so- convincing a lot of the time and with quick overnight fixes). Their lives seem 10 times cooler than they really are. In reality most of us wait years to achieve a goal while literally ripping our hairs out of our heads. Perhaps I didn’t realize how influenced I’d been either when I told myself “Pfff…yeah right that happens!”. Maybe deep down I wanted to believe it was real. I’m not saying it can’t or won’t happen, but it will not appear to be glamorous or fast when getting to where you want to be.

Whether we like to admit it or not, there is a certain pride in saying, “I work in the city”, when being asked in a conversation – well at least for those who were brought up outside a city. Here’s the thing, being in the city is linked to silently saying, “I’m young”, “I’m successful” and “I’m making it happen”. And for those who live outside a city, it is usually seen as a negative thing. Maybe I can’t fully understand the negativity because I’ve only ever lived in a suburb, although not that far away from the city. Certainly not your typical “boonie town” but even I get teased often about living outside the city. For this reason I’ve been associated with “not dreaming big enough”, or “not thinking outside of the box”. But in fact, I’m one of the most courageous, creative, goal-oriented, and open-minded people you’d meet. I’ve travelled around the world a lot, immersed myself in different cultures, and even took the scary leap of quitting a job to figure myself out for an entire year. I’ve completed and continue to complete dream goals that not a lot of people even living in a city have the privilege of doing.

Going back to my point – I’m considered to be suburban girl working in the city even though I don’t see it that way. The commute is quite draining physically and mentally yet I still fight for it. We all fight for something we want to stay in our lives even if it’s a struggle to get it. Perhaps I hold on so dearly to my current city job and take pride in it because I want to be seen as an equal to the city dwellers – “I’m young”, “I’m successful” and “I’m making it happen”. Or at least getting there.

Uptown Girls image via ew.com.

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