20, 05, 2015


The foodie culture is bigger than ever. We live to find the best tastes while capturing yummy food photos for others to drool over. Luckily in this day and age we can easily search and read reviews online to any restaurant before deciding to dine there. When hunger strikes there are quite a few apps to help us find places that will fulfill our foodie needs – however since I was introduced to Zomato I have yet to look back at the rest.

Zomato is a food app (also available on desktop) that helps you find where and what to eat depending on what your heart stomach desires. Before I continue I thought I should add that they never asked me to write anything about them. I’ve been playing around with the app for awhile now and I do love it. I’ll also add that they deserve a shoutout since the Zomato team were nice enough to treat me to a meal at Hot House Restaurant & Bar in Toronto where I got to enjoy a late brunch with good company and of course lots of great food.

With Zomato you can check out where to grab the closest tapas to you, get suggestions on the perfect places for date night, and even discover the newly opened restaurants in your city since Zomato is available in 22 countries (and counting). You can read other member’s reviews, write your own reviews, post food photos, and see menus of all restaurants. Some other features I love include the Food Journey which keeps track of all the places you’ve been to, also the Feed where you can see where all your friends check-ined to.

This is definitely an app every food lover (but who doesn’t love food?) needs to have in their phone to help them decide on where their next food adventure will be.

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